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Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover
Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover - Curved
  • Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover
Original part

Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover - Curved

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Also Known As:
Lamp Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Bosch 00265250 Cooker Hood Light Cover - Curved


High quality Bosch 00265250 lamp cover for your cooker hood.

Part Information

Original PartYes
Cooker Hood MakeBosch
Replaces Part Number(s)265250
Fits ModelsDKE135BGB/01, DKE635A/04, DKE635AGB/07, DKE636A/01, DKE625B/01, DKE635A/05, DKE635AGB/08, DKE636A/03, DKE625B/02, DKE635A/06, DKE635AGB/09, DKE636A/05, DKE625BGB/01, DKE635A/07, DKE635ASD/01, DKE636A/06, DKE632A/01, DKE635AAU/01, DKE635ASD/03, DKE636A/07, DKE632A/03, DKE635AAU/02, DKE635ASD/04, DKE645D/01, DKE632A/05, DKE635AAU/03, DKE635ASD/05, DKE645D/05, DKE632A/06, DKE635ABR/01, DKE635ASD/06, DKE645D/06, DKE632A/07, DKE635ABR/02, DKE635ASD/07, DKE645DGB/01, DKE632A/08, DKE635ABR/03, DKE635CBR/01, DKE645DGB/05, DKE633A/01, DKE635AGB/01, DKE635EEU/01, DKE645DGB/06, DKE633A/02, DKE635AGB/03, DKE635EEU/03, DKE645H/01, DKE633A/03, DKE635AGB/04, DKE635EEU/05, DKE645H/02, DKE635A/01, DKE635AGB/05, DKE635EEU/06, DKE735A/01, DKE635A/03, DKE635AGB/06, DKE635EEU/07, DKE735A/02, DKE735A/03, DKE932A/04, DKE935AGB/01, DKE936A/01, DKE735AGB/01, DKE932A/05, DKE935AGB/03, DKE936A/03, DKE735AGB/02, DKE932A/06, DKE935AGB/04, DKE936A/04, DKE735AGB/03, DKE932A/07, DKE935AGB/05, DKE936A/05, DKE735AGB/04, DKE935A/01, DKE935AGB/06, DKE936A/06, DKE745DGB/01, DKE935A/03, DKE935AGB/07, DKE936N/01, DKE925B/01, DKE935A/04, DKE935CBR/01, DKE936N/05, DKE925BGB/01, DKE935A/05, DKE935EEU/01, DKE936N/06, DKE9302AUC/01, DKE935A/06, DKE935EEU/03, DKE9402AUC/01, DKE9305AUC/01, DKE935AAU/01, DKE935EEU/05, DKE9405AUC/01, DKE9305AUC/02, DKE935AAU/03, DKE9362AUC/01, DKE9406AUC/01, DKE9305AUC/03, DKE935AAU/04, DKE9365AUC/01, DKE945D/01, DKE9306AUC/01, DKE935AAU/05, DKE9365AUC/02, DKE945D/05, DKE932A/01, DKE935AAU/06, DKE9365AUC/03, DKE945D/06, DKE932A/03, DKE935ABR/01, DKE9366AUC/01, DKE945DGB/01, DKE945DGB/05, DKE945H/01, DKE945HAU/01, DKE9465AUC/01, DKE945DGB/06, DKE945H/02, DKE9462AUC/01, DKE9466AUC/01, DWW061350B/01, DWW061350B/02, DWW091451/01, DWW091451A/01, DWW091451S/01, DWW091451V/01, DWW091451V/02, DWW061451/01, DWW061451A/01, DWW061451S/01, DWW061451V/01, DWW061451V/02, DWW091461/01

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Gayle posted on 02 Feb, 2020
Nathalie posted on 29 Mar, 2016
Excellent service, good price, quick delivery. Wouldn't hesitate to use this company again.

How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number you can use our Part Finder system which is on the side of the web site.