Bosch Compatible 00353110 Metal Filter

Bosch Compatible 00353110 Metal Filter

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Bosch Compatible 00353110 Metal Filter

Measurements: 310mm x 250mm

Also Known As:
Metal Grid, Aluminium Panel, Aluminium Grease Filter

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This high quality aluminium grease filter replaces Bosch 00353110 and is essential for your cooker hood, as they will keep your kitchens environment grease free for you and your family. They do this by collecting grease residue overtime, so they will eventually need to be replaced for your cooker hood to be running efficiently.  Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufactures names and numbers.

More Information
Manufacturer Original Part No
Fits Bosch
Replaces Part Number(s) 00353110, 353110
Fits Models DKE135BGB/01, DKE635A/01, DKE635AGB/03, DKE635ASD/07, DKE145K/01, DKE635A/03, DKE635AGB/04, DKE635B/02, DKE145K/02, DKE635A/04, DKE635AGB/05, DKE635BGB/01, DKE632A/01, DKE635A/05, DKE635AGB/06, DKE635CBR/01, DKE632A/03, DKE635A/07, DKE635AGB/08, DKE635EEU/01, DKE632A/05, DKE635AAU/01, DKE635AGB/09, DKE635EEU/03, DKE632A/07, DKE635AAU/03, DKE635ASD/01, DKE635EEU/05, DKE632A/08, DKE635ABR/01, DKE635ASD/03, DKE635EEU/07, DKE633A/01, DKE635ABR/03, DKE635ASD/04, DKE635F/02, DKE633A/03, DKE635AGB/01, DKE635ASD/05, DKE635GEU/01, DKE635GEU/02, DKE645D/05, DKE645H/02, DKE735AGB/01, DKE636A/01, DKE645D/06, DKE645K/01, DKE735AGB/03, DKE636A/03, DKE645DGB/01, DKE645K/02, DKE735AGB/04, DKE636A/05, DKE645DGB/05, DKE645M/01, DKE735B/02, DKE636A/07, DKE645DGB/06, DKE645MGB/01, DKE735BGB/01, DKE636BGB/01, DKE645E/01, DKE645P/01, DKE735F/02, DKE642K/01, DKE645E/02, DKE646K/01, DKE745DGB/01, DKE642P/01, DKE645EGB/01, DKE646P/01, DKE745F/01, DKE645CEU/01, DKE645EGB/02, DKE735A/01, DKE745F/02, DKE645D/01, DKE645H/01, DKE735A/03, DKE745G/01, DKE745K/01, DKE9306AUC/01, DKE935A/05, DKE935AGB/04, DKE745K/02, DKE932A/01, DKE935A/06, DKE935AGB/05, DKE745L/01, DKE932A/03, DKE935AAU/01, DKE935AGB/06, DKE745L/02, DKE932A/04, DKE935AAU/03, DKE935AGB/07, DKE745MGB/01, DKE932A/05, DKE935AAU/04, DKE935B/01, DKE745N/01, DKE932A/06, DKE935AAU/05, DKE935BGB/01, DKE925B/01, DKE932A/07, DKE935AAU/06, DKE935CBR/01, DKE925BGB/01, DKE935A/01, DKE935ABR/01, DKE935EEU/01, DKE9302AUC/01, DKE935A/03, DKE935AGB/01, DKE935EEU/03, DKE9305AUC/01, DKE935A/04, DKE935AGB/03, DKE935EEU/05, DKE935F/01, DKE936A/04, DKE9405EUC/01, DKE945D/06, DKE935GEU/01, DKE936A/05, DKE9405MUC/01, DKE945DGB/01, DKE935GEU/02, DKE936A/06, DKE9406AUC/01, DKE945DGB/05, DKE9362AUC/01, DKE936B/01, DKE942K/01, DKE945DGB/06, DKE9365AUC/01, DKE936BGB/01, DKE942P/01, DKE945E/01, DKE9365AUC/02, DKE936N/01, DKE945B/01, DKE945E/02, DKE9365AUC/03, DKE936N/05, DKE945B/02, DKE945EAU/01, DKE9366AUC/01, DKE936N/06, DKE945CEU/01, DKE945EGB/01, DKE936A/01, DKE9402AUC/01, DKE945D/01, DKE945EGB/02, DKE936A/03, DKE9405AUC/01, DKE945D/05, DKE945F/01, DKE945F/02, DKE945HAU/01, DKE945N/01, DKE9466AUC/01, DKE945G/01, DKE945K/01, DKE945N/02, DKE946K/01, DKE945G/02, DKE945K/02, DKE945P/01, DKE946P/01, DKE945GAU/01, DKE945L/01, DKE9462AUC/01, DKE947F/01, DKE945GAU/02, DKE945L/02, DKE9465AUC/01, DKE947F/02, DKE945H/01, DKE945M/01, DKE9465EUC/01, DKE947G/01, DKE945H/02, DKE945MGB/01, DKE9465MUC/01, DWW091451/01, DWW091451A/01, DWW091451S/01, DWW091451V/01, DWW091451V/02, DWW061451/01, DWW061451A/01, DWW061451S/01, DWW061451V/01, DWW061451V/02, DWW091461/01, DWW062460B/01, DWW062460B/02, DWW072450B/01, DWW072450B/02, DWW091350B/01, DWW091350B/02, DWW062450B/01, DWW062450B/02
Measurements 310mm x 250mm
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