Bosch 00452151 Paper Grease Filters (Pack of 6)

Bosch 00452151 Paper Grease Filters (Pack of 6)

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Bosch 00452151 Paper Grease Filters (Pack of 6)

Measurements: 496mm x 587mm

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These Bosch 00452151 - DEZ68FF paper filters will protect your kitchen from unwanted grease while cooking. They are made out of a high quality material to keep the air clean and healthy for the environment of your kitchen. We recommend that you change your paper filter every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage.

Manufacturer Original Part Yes
Fits Bosch
Replaces Part Number(s) 00452151, 00082021, 00082892, 00452153, DIZ80FF, 00452121
Fits Models 0752200119(00), 0752200259(00), DFF68E(00), DHE620A(00), 0752200122(00), 0752200260(00), DHE550C(00), DHE620A/01, 0752200153(00), 0752200272(00), DHE550C/01, DHE620A/03, 0752200164(00), 0752200273(00), DHE550C/03, DHE620AGB(00), 0752200167(00), 0752200281(00), DHE552C(00), DHE620AGB/01, 0752200175(00), 0752200282(00), DHE552C/01, DHE620AGB/03, 0752200232(00), DFF55I(00), DHE552C/03, DHE622A(00), 0752200240(00), DFF62(00), DHE602BCH(00), DHE622A/03, 0752200241(00), DFF64E(00), DHE602MNL(00), DHE622AGB/03, 0752200258(00), DFF650I(00), DHE603MNL(00), DHE622ANL/03, DHE625A/01, DHE630SCH(00), DHE632S/03, DHE650A(00), DHE625AGB/01, DHE630SCH/01, DHE632SCH(00), DHE650A/01, DHE630AGB/01, DHE630SCH/03, DHE632SCH/01, DHE650A/03, DHE630AGB/06, DHE632AGB/01, DHE632SCH/03, DHE650A/04, DHE630MNL(00), DHE632AGB/06, DHE635AGB/01, DHE650ACH(00), DHE630MNL/01, DHE632MNL(00), DHE635BGB/01, DHE650ACH/01, DHE630MNL/03, DHE632MNL/01, DHE635S/01, DHE650ACH/03, DHE630S(00), DHE632MNL/03, DHE635SCH/01, DHE650ACH/04, DHE630S/01, DHE632S(00), DHE645C/01, DHE650AGB(00), DHE630S/03, DHE632S/01, DHE645CGB/01, DHE650AGB/01, DHE650AGB/03, DHE652A/03, DHE652CCH/03, DHI625B/01, DHE650AGB/04, DHE652A/04, DHE652CNL/01, DHI625B/02, DHE650C(00), DHE652AGB/01, DHE652CNL/03, DHI625B/05, DHE650C/01, DHE652AGB/03, DHE655C/01, DHI625BAU/01, DHE650C/03, DHE652AGB/04, DHE660ANN/01, DHI625BSD/01, DHE650CCH(00), DHE652C(00), DHE660ANN/03, DHI630G(00), DHE650CCH/01, DHE652C/01, DHE660ANN/04, DHI630G/01, DHE650CCH/03, DHE652C/03, DHI625A/01, DHI630G/02, DHE652A(00), DHE652CCH(00), DHI625A/02, DHI630G/03, DHE652A/01, DHE652CCH/01, DHI625A/05, DHI630G/04, DHI630G66(00), DHI630GAU(00), DHI632G66/04, DHI642GAU/01, DHI630G66/01, DHI632G(00), DHI632G89(00), DHI642GAU/02, DHI630G66/02, DHI632G/03, DHI632G89/03, DHI642GNL/02, DHI630G66/03, DHI632G/04, DHI632G89/04, DHL525A/01, DHI630G66/04, DHI632G35(00), DHI632GAU(00), DHL525A/02, DHI630G89(00), DHI632G35/01, DHI640G/01, DHL525AGB/01, DHI630G89/01, DHI632G35/02, DHI640G/02, DHL525AGB/02, DHI630G89/02, DHI632G35/04, DHI640GNL/02, DHL525AGB/03, DHI630G89/03, DHI632G66(00), DHI642G/01, DHL535A/01, DHI630G89/04, DHI632G66/03, DHI642G/02, DHL535A/02, DHL535A/03, DHL545K/03, DHL555KGB/02, DHS520B(00), DHL535AGB/01, DHL555K/01, DHL555KGB/03, DHS522B(00), DHL535AGB/02, DHL555K/02, DHL555KGB/04, DHU520P/01, DHL535AGB/03, DHL555K/03, DHL555KNN/01, DHU522P/01, DHL535ASD/03, DHL555K/04, DHL555KNN/02, DHU522P/02, DHL535M/01, DHL555KCH/01, DHL555KNN/03, DHU524P/01, DHL535M/02, DHL555KCH/02, DHL555KSD/04, DHU620A/01, DHL535M/03, DHL555KCH/03, DHL555KSS/01, DHU620B/01, DHL545K/01, DHL555KCH/04, DHL555KSS/02, DHU620BGB/01, DHL545K/02, DHL555KGB/01, DHL555KSS/03, DHU620P/01, DHU620PGB/01, DHU625B/01, DHU630PGB/01, DHU632FFF/01, DHU622A/01, DHU625P/01, DHU630S/01, DHU632PGB/01, DHU622B/01, DHU625PEU/01, DHU632A/01, DHU632PGB/02, DHU622BGB/01, DHU626B/01, DHU632ACH/01, DHU632S/01, DHU622P/01, DHU626P/01, DHU632AGB/01, DHU634E/01, DHU622P/02, DHU630A/01, DHU632E/01, DHU635EGB/01, DHU622PEU/01, DHU630AGB/01, DHU632E/02, DHU635PGB/01, DHU622PEU/02, DHU630E/01, DHU632ECH/01, DHU636A/01, DHU622PGB/01, DHU630EGB/01, DHU632ECH/02, DHU636ACH/01, DHU624P/01, DHU630FFF/01, DHU632EGB/01, DHU636E/01, DHU636ECH/01, DHU636PGB/01, DHU650L/01, DSFZ60(00), DHU636M/01, DHU636S/01, DHU652L/01, DSZ62FF(00), DHE635BGB/03, DHS636A89, DHS636A89(00)
Measurements 496mm x 587mm
Commercial No
4.2 out of 5
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    How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

    The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

    To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

    Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number use our web site Search at the top of this page to find the exact model you need.