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Electrolux 50261584002 Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp
Electrolux Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp
  • Electrolux 50261584002 Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp Electrolux 50261584002 Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp
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Electrolux Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp

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Also Known As:
Complete Halogen Light, Halogen Lamp Assembly 

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Electrolux Cooker Hood Complete Halogen Lamp


This Electrolux 50261584002 halogen light bulb assembly can be fitted onto the underside of your cooker hood, it will provide light when you're cooking and can be replaced.

Please note the cosmetic design of this product has recently changed, and may appear different to your existing halogen lamp assembly

Part Information

Original PartYes
Cooker Hood MakeElectrolux
Replaces Part Number(s)50261584002, 50253568005
Fits ModelsAFC90680X, EFC1410X/EU, EFC6420X/CH, EFC90500W, DD8861-AD, EFC1430X, EFC6421X, EFC90500X, DD8990AD, EFC1436X/S, EFC6426X/S, EFC90510X, DD8991-AD9, EFC1446X/S, EFC6450X, EFC90600S, DI8616-M, EFC1456U/S, EFC6680X, EFC90600X, EFA50700K, EFC1466U/S, EFC6690X, EFC90680X, EFA50700W, EFC1476U/S, EFC6940/CH, EFC939.1AL/CH, EFA50700X, EFC60244X, EFC6940CH, EFC939.1X/CH, EFA90500X, EFC60500K, EFC6941, EFC9404X, EFA90600X, EFC60500W, EFC90244X, EFC9414X/EU, EFB90580OX, EFC60500X, EFC90344K, EFC9418X, EFC009.1AL/CH, EFC60652X, EFC90344W, EFC9420X/CH, EFC009.1X/CH, EFC60670X, EFC90344X, EFC9421X, EFC0406X/S, EFC639.1X/CH, EFC90499X, EFC9426X/S, EFC1406X/S, EFC6414X/EU, EFC90500K, EFC9446U/S, EFC9447U/S, EFC9690X, EFCR942X, EFT60405W, EFC9457U/S, EFC980X, EFCR944U, EFT60405X, EFC9461U/A, EFC980X/EU, EFCR946X, EFT60410W, EFC9461X/A, EFC980X/GB, EFCR947X, EFT60466K, EFC9461X/T, EFCR0406X, EFCR948U, EFT60466S, EFC9466X/S, EFCR040X, EFCR957U, EFT60466W, EFC9476X, EFCR140X, EFCR997U, EFT70405X, EFC9476X/S, EFCR143X, EFT50410W, EFT70466W, EFC9486U/S, EFCR144X, EFT50466W, HD8990AD, EFC9490X, EFCR145U, EFT60200K, EFC9496U/S, EFCR147U, EFT60200W, EFC9680X, EFCR90500X, EFT60200X, EFV60440EX, DK9660-AD, EFC1460X, EFC9416X/S, EFCR141X, DK9690-AD, EFC615X/CH, EFC9436X/S, EFCR142X, DK9690-AD9, EFC6404X, EFC9440X/EU, EFCR941X, EFC1416X/S, EFC915X/CH, EFC9440X/GB, EFCR943X, EFC1420X, EFC9404X, EFC9460X, EFC1420X/CH, EFC9408X, EFC9460X/A, EFC1426X/S, EFC9415X/CH, EFC9460X/T, EFV60441EX, EFP60540OX
Extra Information

Also fits Electrolux Cooker Hoods with PNC Number: 94215030900

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How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number you can use our Part Finder system which is on the side of the web site.