Elica Compatible CFC0038699 Long Life Filter Mod.20

Elica Compatible CFC0038699 Long Life Filter Mod.20


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Elica Compatible CFC0038699 Long Life Filter Mod.20

Measurements: 220mm x 180mm

Also Known As:
Charcoal Filter, Anti Odour Filter, Extractor Filter, Active Filter

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This high quality Elica compatible CFC0038699 long life carbon filter Mod.20 will remove odours and smells while cooking, they also absorb the grease residue left behind after use. This will keep your kitchen in a fresh environment until they need replacing, which can be up to 3 years by simply placing your cooker hood carbon filter into a dishwasher once a month and drying it. Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufactures names and numbers.

Manufacturer Original PartNo
Replaces Part Number(s)CFC0038699
Fits ModelsAluminium, Aluminose, Antartica Island, Ariast, Artica, Atlantis, Aurora, Bogart, Capta, Concave, Cube, CUBE 60 SS, CUBE 90 SS, Clarie, Edge, Empire, Focus, Frame, Free Spot, Futura, Glacier, Glacier 60SS, Glacier SS, Glacier Island, Half Frame, Menhir, MENHIR SOFT IX/A, Menhir Island, Milano, Pan, Optica, Polar, Samurai, Slope, Spot, Stone, STONE IX/A/33, STONE WH/A/33, STONE SS, STONE WHITE, Tuscan, Tuscan Island, Galaxy Island, GALAXY ISLAND BLIX/A/90X45, GALAXY ISLAND WHIX/A/90X45, Ledge, Crystal, Pantheon, Quartz HP, Arch, Circus, Iconic, Stenar, Obelisk Island, Cubica, ARENA60X100/LX/A/IX, CIRCUS IX/A/90, FLATGLASSM20P4T3V, PIANOASPIRANTEK11, ARENA60X120/LX/A/IX, FLATGLASSS50IXA60, PIANOASPIRANTEK12, CHROMEWALLIX/A/55, FAROIX/A/90, FLATGLASSS50IXA90, ROCKS35TC5I2HIX, CIRCUS 01M20P4T3V, FLATGL.NSS40, LINOSAK42PU3V2H, SEMPIONEIX/A/60, FLATGLAS.M20PMBL3V, MADDALENATC/IX/A/60, SEMPIONEIX/A/90, CIRCUS02M20IX/A90, FLATGLASM20PMBL3V, MADDALENATC/IX/A/90, SOFIAH10IX/A/60, CIRCUS 02M20PMBL3V, FLATGLASSIX/A/60, MADDALENATC/IX/A120, SOFIAH10IX/A/90, CIRCUS ISIX/A/90, FLATGLASSIX/A/90, MODENA120INX, SOFIAH6IX/A/60, CIRCUS IX/A/60, MODENA60INX, SOFIAH6IX/A/90, FLATGLASSIXA/60, MODENA90INX, SPOTH10LXALA/120, FLATGLASSIXA/90, PANTHEONIX/A/60, SPOTH10LXALA/902, CIRCUS IX/A/70, PANTHEONIX/A/90, SPOTH10LXIXA/120, SPOTH10LXIXA/60, SPOTH12STALA/90, SPOTNG01M20IXA90, SPOTNGIXA/90, SPOTH10LXIXA/90, SPOTH12STIXA/120, SPOTNG01M20P4T3V, SPOTNGS50IX/A, SPOTH10STALA/90, SPOTH12STIXA/60, SPOTH10STINOXA/7, SPOTH12STIXA/90, SPOTNSH10K42P4T3, SPOTH10STIXA/60, SPOTH6LXALA/60, SPOTNG01M20PMBL3, SPOTNSH12K42P4T3, SPOTH10STIXA/90, SPOTH6LXALA/90, SPOTNG02M20P4T3V, SPOTNSH6K42PU3V, SPOTH12LXALA/120, SPOTH6LXIXA/60, SPOTH12LXALA/60, SPOTH6STALA/90, SPOTNGH10IX/A/60, SPOTH12LXALA/90, SPOTNGH10IX/A/90, SPOTNSH6S35, SPOTH12LXIXA/120, SPOTH6STINOXA/70, SPOTNGH6IX/A/60, SPOTNSH6S35PU3V, SPOTH12LXIXA/60, SPOTH6STIXF/120, SPOTNGH6IX/A/90, TRATTOIXF/90, SPOTH12LXIXA/90, SPOTNG01IXA60, SPOTNGIXA/60, Igloo New, Icarus, Icarus Island, Menhir Soft, Personal, PERSONAL VT+IX/A/100, Reef, REEF IX/A/60, REEF IX/A/90, Reef Island, REEF ISLAND IX/A/90X60, REEF ISLAND IX/A/90, Stone Gallery, Trendy, TRENDY IX/A/60, TRENDY IX/A/90, TRENDY IX/A/120, Tribe, TRIBE IX/A/60, TRIBE IX/A/90, Tribe Island, TRIBE ISLAND IX/A/90X60, Moon, MOON IX/F/60, MOON IX/F/90, MOON IX/F/120, Trendy Island, TRENDY IS IX/A/90X60, Cruise, Lol, LOL BL/A/60, LOL IX/A/90, LOL IX/A/60, LOL BL/A/90, Moon Island, MOON ISLAND IX/F/180, MOON IS IX/A/60X120, MOON IS IX/A/60X90, Synthesis, Spot Plus, SPOT PLUS IX/A/60, SPOT PLUS IX/A/90, SPOT PLUS IX/A/120, Spot Plus Island, SPOT PLUS ISLAND IX/A/90, Spot NG, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/60, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/90, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/120, Circus Plus, Circus Plus Island, Tube Island, Pearl, Circus HE, Galaxy, GALAXY BLIX/A/80, GALAXY WHIX/A/80, Ice New, Iceberg, Joy, JOY-60-BLK, JOY-90-BLK, JOY-60-WH, JOY-90-WH, JOY BLIX/A/60, JOY BLIX/A/90, Joy Island, JOY ISLAND SS/BLACK, JOY ISLAND SS/WHITE, Luna Island, Obelisk, Quartz HE, Glacier 110, Antartica Soft IX/A/100X70, CUBE IX/A/60, CUBE IX/A/90, Spot HE 90, CRUISE IX/A/60, CRUISE IX/A/90, CHCG MP 90 SS GL, Flat Glass, FLAT GLASS IX/A/60, FLAT GLASS IX/A/90, Flat Glass Plus, FLAT GLASS PLUS IX/A/60, FLAT GLASS PLUS IX/A/70, FLAT GLASS PLUS IX/A/90, Flat Glass Plus Island, FLAT GLASS PLUS ISLAND IX/A/90, Top, TOP IXBL/A/120, TOP IXBL/A/60, TOP IXBL/A/90, Top Island, TOP ISLAND IXBL/A/120, Top Sense, Top Sense 60, Top Sense 90, Top Sense 120, Top Sense Island, TOP SENSE ISLAND IXBL/F/120X60, Antartica, Atlantica Island, Alantis soft, Bridge, Cresta, GLACIER 70-SS, Stenar 36cm, Spot 60, Spot 90, Spot 120, Tuscan 60, Tuscan 90, Plein Air, Faro, Flat Glass / Tribe, T Glass, CHG MP 60 SS GL, Bridge 90
Measurements220mm x 180mm
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    How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

    The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

    To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

    Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number use our web site Search at the top of this page to find the exact model you need.