Elica Compatible KIT0010805 Metal Grease Filter

Elica Compatible KIT0010805 Metal Grease Filter


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Elica Compatible KIT0010805 Metal Grease Filter

Measurements: 305mm x 267mm

Also Known As:
Metal Grid, Aluminium Panel, Aluminium Filter

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This high quality Elica compatible KIT0010805 aluminium grease filter is essential for your cooker hood, as they will keep your kitchens environment grease free for you and your family. They do this by collecting grease residue overtime, so they will eventually need to be replaced for your cooker hood to be running efficiently. Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufactures names and numbers.

Manufacturer Original Part No
Fits Elica
Replaces Part Number(s) KIT0010805, GRI0097953A
Fits Models CH60 MY SS, Key 60, Tamaya, SPOT 120 CM 10, IO, Aqua 60SS, Aqua 90SS, MISSY SL3V 2L IX/A/60, Tamaya 60SS, Tamaya 70SS, ALAIXA90, Cruise, CRUISE IX/A/60, CRUISE IX/A/90, Free Spot, Hydra, HYDRA ANG IX F/100, Lol, LOL BL/A/60, LOL IX/A/90, LOL IX/A/60, LOL BL/A/90, Om, OM TOUCH SCREEN BL/F/80, OM TOUCH SCREEN WH/F/80, Om Special Edition, Spot, Spot NG, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/60, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/90, SPOT NG H6 IX/A/120, Spot Plus, Spot Plus Island, Stone, STONE IX/A/33, STONE WH/A/33, STONE SS, STONE WHITE, Stripe, Sun, SUN 60, SUN 90, Tropic, TROPIC IX/A/60, TROPIC IX/A/90, AQUA 60IX, Alpha, Elle, Film, Acuta, ACUTA BL/F/100, ACUTA IX/F/100, ACUTA NEW HYDRA S48HE TC3I 4H IX/F/1, Alba Cubo, ALBA CUBO ILHA, ALBA CUBO ISOLA IX/F/55, ALBA CUBO IX/A/55, Alba Piramide, ALBA PIRAMIDE ILHA, ALBA PIRAMIDE IS PANN IX/F/80, ALBA PIRAMIDE ISOLA IX/F/80, ALBA PIRAMIDE IX/A/80, ALBA PIRAMIDE PANN IX/A/80, Ancona, ANCONA IX/F/60, ANCONA IX/F/90
Serial Number(s) 208000104402
Measurements 305mm x 267mm
Commercial No
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    How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

    The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

    To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

    Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number use our web site Search at the top of this page to find the exact model you need.