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Cooker Hood PCBs & Control Modules

If you have a broken Cooker Hood CB (Printed Circuit Board) or Control Module on your cooker hood and you are in need of a replacement, then we have a wide range of different types of Cooker Hood PCBs & Control Modules in stock.

If for some reason the product you require is not listed, then contact us by email with your model numbers, ENR numbers or PNC numbers and we'll gladly help you find the part you require.

How to Find your Cooker Hood Model Number

The Cooker Hood Model Number is usually found inside the cooker hood itself or on the side of the cooker hood case.

To check inside, you will probably need to remove your current filter(s). The model number will usually be printed on sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of numbers and letters.

Once you have your Cooker Hood Model Number use our Search Box above to find the exact model you need.


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  1. AEG 4055023834 Cooker Hood Control PCB
  2. AEG 4055030615 Cooker Hood PCB
  3. AEG 50245301002 Cooker Hood Control Box
  4. AEG 50277707001 Cooker Hood Electronics Module 220V
  5. AEG 50278285007 Complete PCB
  6. AEG 50283658008 Cooker Hood Controls
  7. AEG 50288039006 Cooker Hood Electronics Module
  8. AEG 50288331007 Cooker Hood Electronics Module
  9. AEG 50289372000 Cooker Hood Electronics Module
  10. AEG 50290926000 Cooker Hood PCB
  11. AEG Cooker Hood Control Box
  12. AEG Cooker Hood Control Box
  13. AEG Cooker Hood Control Box, Integrated
  14. AEG Cooker Hood Electronic PCB

    AEG Electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

    Click here to check if this part will fit your cooker hood
  15. AEG Cooker Hood Electronics Module ps 3V 230V
  16. AEG Cooker Hood Push-Button Board PCB
  17. Ariston C00097979 Cooker Hood Control PCB
  18. Ariston C00109901 Cooker Hood PCB
  19. Ariston C00117223 Cooker Hood Control Box
  20. Ariston C00142313 Cooker Hood Control Board
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-20 of 175

per page