Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamp

Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamp

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Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamp

Suitable for all cooker hoods with the same specifications

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Bulb Description

Type: G4 Halogen

Wattage: 20W

Voltage: 12V

Colour: Clear

More Information
Manufacturer Original Part No
Fits Baumatic
Replaces Part Number(s) 07038461
Fits Models BE600GL, BE605BGL, BE700GL, BK6EDGLSS, BT10.3BGL, BT10.3GL, BT16.3SS, BT16.3SSUK, BT19.3SS, BT19.3SSUK, BT6.3BGL, BT6.3GL, BT7.3BGL, BT7.3GL, BT9.3BGL, BT9.3GL, BTC6510GL, BTC6740SS, BTC6750GL, BTC9740SS-UK, BTC9750GL, BTC977SS, BTI9170GL, BTI975GL, BU676GL, AG900GL, ISL5SS, BE60GL, BWT7.3GL, BWE600GL, BWT9.3GL, BWTC6510GL, BTC6510GL-EU, BTC6530BL, BTC6530SS, BTC6530SS-EU, BT16.3SSHK, BTC6740SS-UK, BTC9530BL, BTC9530SS, BKH600SS, BKH900SS, BK6GLSS, BK9EDGLSS, BK9GLSS, GHS91BK, BT39.2SS, BTC9740SS-EU, BTC9740SS-EU, BT39.2SS, BT103BGL, BT103GL, BT163SS, BT163SSUK, BT193SS, BT193SSUK, BT63BGL, BT63GL, BT73BGL, BT73GL, BT93BGL, BT93GL, BWT73GL, BWT93GL, BT163SSHK, BT392SS, BT392SS
Extra Information Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purpose only, these parts are no way associated with the initial manufacturers parts.
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